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Emma Watson And The #HeForShe Cherry Pickers...

Emma Watson. We don't know what her acting skills are like but she is sure loaded with gasping luvviedom when it comes to the ghastly #HeForShe movement. When she stands on stage, she often gasps like she has some dreadful lung disease, like she's been working in a male glass cellar job and has become ill through it - a hazard millions of males have faced over the years. But don't worry - she's simply overcome by the fact that high-up and comfy manginas are backing her cause. Luvvie, it makes one so emotional! Where on earth do these dreadful women get off? Stand aside, gents, and let a feminist do your job. But only if it's comfortable, lucrative, high profile - and gives feminists plenty of chance to promote the tired old doctrine of 'Women Good/Men Bad'. Which is what the likes of 'successful' women like Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court, and an unscrupulous skewer of gender sentencing laws (as if they needed skewing) are doin

Doctor Who - 'OOPS!' and 'PHEW!' Jodie Whittaker Breaks Into The Glass Cellar...

'Oops!' says Jodie Whittaker, the new Doctor Who, as she tumbles through the glass cellar to work in traditional male occupations. Her first reaction is to say 'Phew!' as she becomes very 'woke' indeed down in a sewer… We thought it was simply great when we heard about the trailer for the new series of the now thoroughly 'woke' BBC series Doctor Who . The Doctor has now become a woman, which I'd never considered while watching my own favourite Doctor, Jon Pertwee, when I was a kid. Whatever next? Xena the Warrior Princess becomes a man? Anyway, I feared the show would become even more PC and misandrist than it has in recent years, but in the trailer Jodie Whittaker falls through the glass cellar into the world of male death and dangerous jobs - you know, the ones that keep the gender workplace deaths skewed at well over 90% male - and keep feminists comfortably snapping their fingers and chanting their hateful ideology in air conditioned or