Nicole Jacob - Feminist Misandrist & Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England & Wales

One could ask why, in the so-called UK, the vast majority of people in England and Wales are served by one Domestic Abuse Commissioner and London and Scotland have separate ones? Nice gravy train. It's a gravy train for Feminists only, with Nicole Jacob, the current incumbent, being the latest in a line of male abusing, own-gender adoring women to occupy the role. Ms Jacob thinks the Violence Against Women  & Girls Act is a fine thing, and absolutely justified. It's pure evil. It throws not only men under the bus, but little boys, children, too. But Ms Jacob ignores all comments questioning her stance on her Twitter/X threads and carries on regardless. Today, it looks evil. In the future, when this era is exhumed by future historians, it will look far worse. Ms Jacob is surrounded by Feminist ideologues - like smirking Jess Phillips - and she smirks her well-heeled way through life, stealing the public's money by not doing her job and behaving like some kind of Nazi. He

Megan Rappinoe & Joe Biden: Liars and Misandrists

        Hearing Megan Rappinoe going on about women's football (which makes far less money then men's) and how she does the exact same job as men (although a pro women's team has been beaten hollow by under-15 non-pro male players), but doesn't get the same money, makes me laugh. Female models get a lot more than males in the superstar league - but don't they do exactly the same job? But fashion is a female industry and the clothes for women bring in far more money, so it's the same thing, eh?  The day might come when as many people follow female football as they do male, but until that date you can't depend on privileged harping and chivalry to get what you want, Megan. American men's soccer already pours plenty of money into female soccer - and it's a business. You don't put the same number of backsides on seats. End of story. The pay gap is not based on discrimination - this has been debunked by the Office for National Statistics, old Uncle To

The Misandrist Universe Of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren - she likes to swear, lives in an alternative universe, and just enjoys blaming men for everything. You know, it’s strange. Life is strange. And it’s strange just what alternative universes people can live in. Especially women like Helen Mirren. She didn’t want children. Fine. Who’s interested? Well, I would say that women in my life who have chosen the child-free route are most often questioned by other women. It’s not something men seem that interested in when making conversation with a woman on a purely social level. But, perhaps due to some motherhood ‘fraternity’ thing, I have often heard women being called ‘unnatural’, ‘unfeeling’ and ‘not a true woman’ by other women when they don’t have the maternal instinct. That’s not true, of course. But that seems to have been a strong recurring problem child-free women in my life have encountered. Men don’t usually ‘go there’, as we might have said in the 1990s. But Helen Mirren really expects us

Salma Hayek - Ignorant Misandrist...

Salma Hayek - misandrist - a life of luxury, eh, Ms? - and a man at work. There are many more men in the glass cellar making Salma's luxury lifestyle possible than there are male CEOs. Salma Hayek said a couple of years back:  'Men do a lot less. They are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion.' Um, Salma, do keep your ignorant man-hating attitude to yourself - or risk ridicule. Not only is that a hideous generalisation, but it ignores the fact that while you are painting your nails, men are providing your heating, clearing your refuse, providing your lighting, building your homes, catching your dinner, and so on. Ever heard of the glass cellar? Perhaps you should get educated - or, better still, experience one of the glass cellar jobs yourself. The glass cellar/death jobs are still by far the province of males. Ms Hayek, your ignorance and bigotry make me sick! The next tim

Even Female Pedophiles & Child Abusers Get Lighter Sentences in England - And More About Jess Phillips & The Yearly List...

This is so typical. And from own gender adoring MP Jess Phillips and the rest of the Feminist rabble there is just the sound of crickets. And yet, in the so-called UK Parliament, Jess Phillips reads out a one-sided list, without any context as to mental state and circumstances, regarding men who have killed or allegedly killed women in the so-called UK every year, playing on the grief of relatives and friends of the killed, and totally demonising men for the actions of a miniscule minority - because it makes her and her sex look good. People who smirk like this habitually were not particularly liked a few years ago. Jess Phillips turns the so-called UK Parliament (asymmetric national devolution) into a playground of narcissistic, selfish, bloody minded little girls, along with the likes of Stella Creasy, Harriet Harman, Penny Mordaunt and Victoria Atkins. Even an election ticket to halve violence against women and girls (always perfect, always lovely, never perpetrators), leaving out m

How The 'The Good Men Project' Was Taken Over By Feminists - And Everything Became Men's Own Fault... Honey Badger Radio

Brian Martinez and Alison Tieman of Honey Badger Radio take us through the history of the 'Good Men Project' - one of the worst sites for misandry around. There everything is men's fault. The site aims to teach men to be good buyers of the Feminist narrative and take all the nonsense and hate handed out daily. The Feminist movement, fuelled by bile, has even caused the two main so-called UK (asymmetric national devolution) political parties to campaign for the next election on a ticket of reducing violence against women and girls only - even throwing male children - CHILDREN - under the narcissistic, hate filled Feminist bulldozer. Women and girls are never violent. Women and girls never create violent situations. Women and girls are good. Men - and even male CHILDREN - eh, stuff 'em - the slime!

Penny Mordaunt, 'UK' Government - Women Have More Rights Than Men, But Penny Has Her Head Stuck Up Her Own Sex's Backside...

Penny Mordaunt, now, amazingly, Leader of the House of Commons, is a narcissistic Feminist of the lowest order. And on Twitter she has recently been bringing up the usual illogical claptrap - unquestioned in our land of chivalry and matriarchy:  Today the Leader @PennyMordaunt hosted parliamentarians and civil society leaders working to protect and enhance women's rights and democracy here in the UK and across the world. We are working to create the networks and tools we need to support this fight. Um, well, firstly, women have more rights in the UK than men. Seriously. And if you're going to try and gaslight us about 'historical wrongs', please don't bother. We've read the true facts about the vote, thank you. The suffragettes were often violent, misandrist terrorists. The vote was never simply a right without accountability - many men had the accountabilities but not the vote. Men die younger than women. Women have 'all women shortlists' for posh job

Janice Fiamengo: Feminism Was Never About Equality

Feminism was once absolutely justified, wasn't it? After all, men had the vote and lorded it over women - and they'd done so for thousands of years. This was the ridiculous story sold to the world by Feminists from the get-go, and its acceptance by society then and now shows the ridiculous and highly dangerous levels of gynocentricism in society. So, what was it really all about? Listen to Canadian professor of English Janice Fiamengo, one of our favourite men's advocates.

How Feminists Appropriated Gay Male Suffering and also How Feminists' 'Gender Is A Social Construct' Mantra Came Unstuck...

The Feminist movement has a long history of appropriating the suffering of others for its own narcissistic, power-crazed ends. Take gay man. Far more discriminated against than lesbians in history and well into recent times, Feminism has taken that and wrapped it up in a fake pan-movement - beginning, of course, with 'L' for lesbian. Although in terms of suffering, and even alphabetically, 'G' should be ahead of that. Now, after all those years of chanting 'gender is a social construct', Feminists screech that women are being erased by trans-women. Of course, many chivalrous males, as always (it is the male role to defend women), go along with it. That's our thoughts. Enjoy Brian Martinez and Alison Tieman of Honey Badger Radio as they trawl through a related Spiked magazine article for International Women's Day.

The Monstrous Lies of Simone De Beauvoir - The Fiamengo File 2.0

Simone De Beauvoir's book,  The Second Sex, is still a major influence on Feminism. It's potty and twisted (my words) - and Janice Fiamengo has a far better head for talking about and analysing it than me.

Rishi Sunak: Baby Boys, Little Boys, Men - They Don't Matter When It Comes To Domestic Violence...

Awful 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Prime Minister sets out to appease the Feminazi with this Twitter tweet. Yep, boys and men are ogres, and women and girls, lovely innocents, gentle and kind, need protection. A murdered baby boy? sad, but she had reasons. She's not well. She's oppressed. She's... A battered baby boy? Ditto. A battered man? A murdered man? Huh! A man desperately seeking a DV shelter for himself and his children? Huh! 'UK' Politics have long been a ghastly game. But Rishi Sunak's evil, chivalrous posturing, so typical of 'our' politicians (they do this type of thing if they're men; they pose around, hurling one-sided 'truths' if they're women) throws millions of male babies, male children and male adults under the bus. And demonises men and boys. Women and girls never initiate DV or employ coercive behaviour or... Totally evil. All right for you, eh, Rishi - up there in your ivory tower? The legal system i

Jess Phillips - Ms Misandry - Reads Out Her One-Sided Murders List - AGAIN!

The funny thing is, so many of 'our' MPs tend to smirk and openly be very dislikeable and unreasonable people. Like Jess Phillips. What does that say about us, the people voting for people like that? Are the majority of us the same? Is it like voting for like? We're DOOMED! Proving the hopeless state of our society again in 2023, Jess Phillips stood up in the UK Parliament and once again went through a list of women killed by men over the last year. 108 - although she warned there are many more we have no awareness of. Then how can she know? She can't. It's just like the twaddle Victoria Atkins was spouting a few years ago. And just how many people are there in the UK? Around sixty million? And Jess proposes all men should hang their heads in shame? And just what were all this tragic deaths composed of?  We don't know. Just what the circumstances and mental states of these individuals committing these crimes were we don't know - they're just men and the

Three consequences of society's addiction to female victimhood that we all suffer | Honey Badger Radio Talk 207

Honey Badgers Live Stream: For some reason, close to the end of this stream, it was cut off by Restream & all of its information was replaced with info for another stream. At the time, the account was locked out of the stream and the information was changed. We couldn't do anything but start another stream to finish the discussion. That stream is here: This week, HBR Talk will unmask gynocentric female hypoagency addiction, a fundamental social underpinning of our society’s gender gap in personal accountability, through examination of its manifestation in a large, heated social media brawl. Opening Monologue transcript Want more?

Karen Straughan Attempts To Reason Out What Young Feminist Mike Rugnetta Is Saying...

Karen Straughan, along with Paul Elam, Mike Buchanan, Professor Janice Fiamengo and a growing horde of other assorted wonderfuls, is one of the heroines (or heroes, whichever you prefer) of this blog. She's a waitress. She smokes. She thinks. She speaks. I'm working class myself and used to enjoy a ciggie, and Karen's contributions encouraged me to think that maybe it's not just business types or academics that can do something. I don't think or articulate like Karen, but her presence as a MRA led to me starting this blog. Every little helps, as they say at Tesco. Here, Karen attempts to understand what a young male feminist is actually saying. Don't get me wrong, Mike Rugnetta comes across as a thoroughly likeable young bloke, his arm waving enthusiasm is charming, but his addiction to feminism is alarming. I mean, what is it based on, Mike? He'd like to get a dialogue going. Well, come up with some facts to back up your support of feminism, not shi

If Patriarchal Oppression of Women Really Existed, Why Didn't It Stamp Out Feminism?

I've often wondered how we came to accept the tenets of Feminism. After all, if women are so oppressed, how on earth did Feminism survive? Why didn't the evil Patriarchy smother it at birth? The answer is, they weren't oppressed and that Feminism, always based on misandry, grew a head of evil steam, feeding off of the already gynocentric nature of society and the narcissistic, totally illogical views of some women. Some vintage Karen Straughan on the subject:

Toxic Femininity

You know, true feminists and many men hate to believe that women do bad things. But they do. Often. Terrible things. But feminists, like most hate groups, are determined to see themselves as good and pure and others - in this case men - as vile and evil. And White Knights are there to provide chivalry. And crawling. One in four women suffers sexual assault or rape? Not in my world and, when you look into the facts and discover that this statistic comes from a crap and highly misleading survey from 1982, you have to admit it explains why women are not actually experiencing the tidal wave of terror that this statistic, if real, would mean. Some women leave the feminist sphere and the "sisterhood" often gives them a very hard time. But these women are truly brave human beings and have truly had a "lightbulb moment". I take my hat off to them because it's so much easier and cosier to stay with the bully gang that is the feminist "sisterhood",

The United Nations At The Time Of Coronavirus: Misandry Overdrive

United Nations @UN: 'Women and girls are facing unique challenges in the face of COVID19.' What challenges? Is it because they're not dying in such great numbers as men? Is it because they're not the vast majority of people out on the streets maintaining the emergency services and the infrastructure? Is it because they're not 95% of workplace deaths, like men? Gender equality? Do they want it? This is another nonsensical, highly misandrist tweet from the United Nations. The organisation, Feminist to its core, specialises in them. Article published April, 2020: We recently had a fire in our neighbourhood. The attenders were fire men - not firefighters. Not a single woman amongst them. These men were on call to answer any emergency - first responders - and imagine if they hadn't been there, particularly during this time of crisis. Recently, during this crisis, a woman in our street had a heart attack. Strangely, the ambulance crew were both men. Our do

Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin: Feminism Has Always Been Based On a Nonsensical Marxist Oppressed/Oppressor Model

Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox bum themselves up and celebrate the 'conscious liberation of the female state' in 1985. Backside licker Dave Stewart supported their narcissism absolutely. Come on then, come on out of the kitchen and get to work, women. We won't call you ladies - no chivalry - after all, you're hardly likely to call all men 'gentlemen', are you? Off that pedestal and into the workplace... Come on, Annie, dear, let's see you in the workplace. Oh, not THAT one? Why not? Far more men work in those kinds of jobs than women, didn't you know? Remember when women were oppressed into staying at home? No, I don't either. The vast majority of jobs were awfully hard work and often physically dangerous and women had their own roles to fulfill as baby incubators, nurturers and home makers. Men, of course, went out and did all the dangerous, gruelling deeds necessary to provide the places for this baby producing and nurturing and home making. And

Male Genital Mutilation (And The Resulting Deaths) - Fine. Female Genital Mutilation - A Crime - European Commission

Male genital mutilation is fine. Female genital mutilation is not fine. Male genital mutilation can kill. But it's still fine. Another example of the awful misandrist, gynocentric sect currently infesting the upper echelons of our ruling classes. Gynocentric, brown-nosed, chivalrous males; own gender adoring, narcissistic, highly privileged, Feminist ideologue females. Who cares if baby boys die or have after effects throughout their lives?  Not Ursula Von der Leyen and her ilk. And what about men (and their children) abused by women? Not Ursula Von der Leyen and her ilk. The sheer inhumanity and cold heartedness of these people makes my blood run cold. Not to mention the narcissism and self interest of Feminist females and the stupid chivalry of their male lap dogs. Oh dear. Denied his life. Not a human rights violation, of course. Interesting and rather horrifying (if you're not a Vanessa Von de Leyen type) article on deaths from MGM:

Michelle Donelan, 'Culture Secretary' - Misandrist With Own Group Bias

  Women are weak, adorable little flowers and men are awful. Even online. We are paying the salaries of own-gender adoring narcissists like 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan. And she uses it (and Feminist ideology) to continue the attack on boys and men, via the Online Safety Bill. This only suggests the own group bias of women (or at least Feminists) makes them unsuitable for such roles. Is that what you're setting out to prove, Ms Donelan? She says that women and girls find the whole online thing rather scary. None of the women and the girls I know do. So, where are you drawing your findings from? Misandrist Feminist Central Office? And what about research proving that a good 50% of this so-called 'misogynistic abuse' comes from other women? And then we get unelected peers like Baroness Morgan chipping in. Democracy is dead. All hail chivalry, narcissism and misandry! We're adding Ms Donelan to our title header. Got to ke