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The Misandrist Universe Of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren - she likes to swear, lives in an alternative universe, and just enjoys blaming men for everything. You know, it’s strange. Life is strange. And it’s strange just what alternative universes people can live in. Especially women like Helen Mirren. She didn’t want children. Fine. Who’s interested? Well, I would say that women in my life who have chosen the child-free route are most often questioned by other women. It’s not something men seem that interested in when making conversation with a woman on a purely social level. But, perhaps due to some motherhood ‘fraternity’ thing, I have often heard women being called ‘unnatural’, ‘unfeeling’ and ‘not a true woman’ by other women when they don’t have the maternal instinct. That’s not true, of course. But that seems to have been a strong recurring problem child-free women in my life have encountered. Men don’t usually ‘go there’, as we might have said in the 1990s. But Helen Mirren really expects us

Salma Hayek - Ignorant Misandrist...

Salma Hayek - misandrist - a life of luxury, eh, Ms? - and a man at work. There are many more men in the glass cellar making Salma's luxury lifestyle possible than there are male CEOs. Salma Hayek said a couple of years back:  'Men do a lot less. They are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion.' Um, Salma, do keep your ignorant man-hating attitude to yourself - or risk ridicule. Not only is that a hideous generalisation, but it ignores the fact that while you are painting your nails, men are providing your heating, clearing your refuse, providing your lighting, building your homes, catching your dinner, and so on. Ever heard of the glass cellar? Perhaps you should get educated - or, better still, experience one of the glass cellar jobs yourself. The glass cellar/death jobs are still by far the province of males. Ms Hayek, your ignorance and bigotry make me sick! The next tim