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Misandry At The Lancet - Women's Own Group Bias On Display...

The Lancet , of course, is given to Feminist leanings. Everything is. But look at their intriguing web page below: The Lancet has been looking at  The UK (why does Scotland have its own? it's not the 'UK' without it) Household Longitudinal Study  findings  to try and gauge the impact of lockdown and the Covid-19 scenario in general on the mental health of the populations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.The Study, a long running Feminist ideology-friendly venture, is largely conducted by web surveys, and the Lancet uses it to conclude that priorities should be as in the screen capture above (women first, of course) and says within the body of the work:  Other sources of inequalities have widened, with pronounced increases in younger (but not older) age groups, and in women (but not men). New inequalities in mental distress have emerged, with those living with young children and those in employment at the start of the pandemic being at risk of larger increases i