The Misandrist Universe Of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren - she likes to swear, lives in an alternative universe, and just enjoys blaming men for everything.

You know, it’s strange. Life is strange. And it’s strange just what alternative universes people can live in. Especially women like Helen Mirren.

She didn’t want children. Fine. Who’s interested? Well, I would say that women in my life who have chosen the child-free route are most often questioned by other women. It’s not something men seem that interested in when making conversation with a woman on a purely social level.

But, perhaps due to some motherhood ‘fraternity’ thing, I have often heard women being called ‘unnatural’, ‘unfeeling’ and ‘not a true woman’ by other women when they don’t have the maternal instinct.

That’s not true, of course.
But that seems to have been a strong recurring problem child-free women in my life have encountered.

Men don’t usually ‘go there’, as we might have said in the 1990s.
But Helen Mirren really expects us to believe that other women have never questioned her child free state and it’s always ‘boring old men’?
‘The Oscar winning actress said it has never been women who have questioned her childless existence, but only ‘boring old men’. And whenever they went “What, no children old girl? Well you’d better get on with it,” I’d say, “No, fxxx off!”’

Does not compute, Ms Mirren, does not compute.
These misandrist luvvies spout all kinds of nonsense and think we're all rabid radical feminists who will buy it wholesale, or that we came up on the last bus. Several people who commented on the Daily Mail article echo my findings. Here's one:

In my experience it is always women who ask when i am going to have children. Before my sister had kids I had one acquaintance tell me that she saw one of my siblings one day and thought how strange it is that none of us had children yet ..... i was about 22 at the time........................ She thought it was SO strange. I guess it was for her when her 6 or 7 siblings all had children before they were out of their teens! That to me is much STRANGER! Men might ask but they might just be making conversation, women ask so they can be nosey and judgemental. I wish mothers didn't look at childfree women with pity because a lot of us are very happy and where we want to be! We look at a mother's life and think 'no thanks'. I love kids and am very involved with my siblings kids, but i still don't know if i am going to have any myself.

And Helen, luvvie - grow up. Spouting garbage so that radical feminists will think you're a heroine is hardly a sign of a mature personality. 


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