Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin: Feminism Has Always Been Based On a Nonsensical Marxist Oppressed/Oppressor Model

Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox bum themselves up and celebrate the 'conscious liberation of the female state' in 1985. Backside licker Dave Stewart supported their narcissism absolutely. Come on then, come on out of the kitchen and get to work, women. We won't call you ladies - no chivalry - after all, you're hardly likely to call all men 'gentlemen', are you? Off that pedestal and into the workplace...

Come on, Annie, dear, let's see you in the workplace. Oh, not THAT one? Why not? Far more men work in those kinds of jobs than women, didn't you know?

Remember when women were oppressed into staying at home? No, I don't either. The vast majority of jobs were awfully hard work and often physically dangerous and women had their own roles to fulfill as baby incubators, nurturers and home makers.

Men, of course, went out and did all the dangerous, gruelling deeds necessary to provide the places for this baby producing and nurturing and home making.

And that's how we evolved. Men evolved to have more physical upper body strength because of the tasks they undertook. Women evolved to be softer, more sensitive to danger, altogether cosier beings.

But without the men out there doing the hunting, building, farming, etc, that could not have happened. Just as without women incubating the babies and fulfilling the nurturing role, the male side of the 'bargain' could not have happened.

And working class married women were working long before Annie and Aretha spouted their narcissistic bilge. Like their husbands, the majority in distinctly unglamorous jobs.

Now we have millions of Feminist women, standing around in air conditioned spaces (built mainly by men) snapping their fingers, demanding all women shortlists and special working arrangements, and banging on about oppressed they are and how oppressed women have always been.

A softer, more sensitive approach is needed, a Feminist approach, they shriek. But women would not be perceived as being softer and more sensitive without men fulfilling their  roles over thousands of years. Each sex is dependent on the other. Of course, right from the beginning, Feminism has been about as soft and sensitive as Eva Braun (don't worry, we'll just make out she was naive - women don't do bad), Rosemary West or Myra Hindley.

It's rarely questioned by men. The relationship between the sexes has always been complex, and chivalry and the old adage 'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world' comes to mind.

'Now we're coming out of the kitchen cos there's something we forgot to say to you - sisters are doing it for themselves...' Naff lyrics indeed. Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin coming out of the kitchen - as so many work places are lovely and air conditioned these days and there are huge amounts of jobs that don't involve getting your hands dirty or being in danger. Well over 90% of workplace deaths are male. Men still do the vast majority of dangerous, dirty glass cellar jobs.

And CEOs, etc? Many men worked absurd numbers of hours to get to those positions. Some women did too - and still do it. The vast majority don't appear to want to. And that's fine. But we Feminists don't want that. do we? We want special allowances. After all, shopping, crying, embracing victimhood culture, narcissism and standing around dissing men is so important.

And Feminists want all women shortlists to get the plum jobs, even if they're hopelessly unsuited. Chivalry and mother complexes mean men crumble immediately to the demands as women in the kitchen always yielded a huge amount of clout in their lives.

And the vote? Men had accountabilities to get the vote - and many didn't have it at all, but still had the accountabilities. Your wife runs up debt? YOU go to jail. And parliaments were designed to look after women and children. Women's voices were always heard. Ever heard of the Tender Years Doctrine? Men never bothered much with looking after other men, after all, they were the expendable sex, out there to build, forage and be canon fodder.

Feminist politicians don't look after men's interests either, of course.

In fact, they constantly attack men - and boys, too.


And the majority of men in public life defer to the 'ladies' and let them do whatever they want.

So, we end up with statistic mangling, spoilt brat Feminists ignoring male issues, demonising men, and sticking their heads up the bottoms of their own sex.

Hey, sisters, where are you? And SISTERS? Good heavens, what kind of idiotic talk is that? Ever worked in an all-female workplace? I have, and it was hell. Far too many 'great friends' who would stick the knife into each others' backs at the first opportunity. 

And SISTERS - what's it all mean - girls at one end of the playground, boys at the other? Nope, it's the old Marxist oppression nonsense again.

In her old age, Annie has become one of the stupidiest people we have ever heard, spouting victimhood garbage and misandry straight from the Feminist handbook. Without the 1980s songs and synths she's left standing alone: a misandrist narcissist (oh my goodness, my gender is LOVELY and so oppressed!), absolutely no objectivity.



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