Male Genital Mutilation (And The Resulting Deaths) - Fine. Female Genital Mutilation - A Crime - European Commission

Male genital mutilation is fine. Female genital mutilation is not fine. Male genital mutilation can kill. But it's still fine. Another example of the awful misandrist, gynocentric sect currently infesting the upper echelons of our ruling classes. Gynocentric, brown-nosed, chivalrous males; own gender adoring, narcissistic, highly privileged, Feminist ideologue females.

Who cares if baby boys die or have after effects throughout their lives? 

Not Ursula Von der Leyen and her ilk.

And what about men (and their children) abused by women?

Not Ursula Von der Leyen and her ilk.

The sheer inhumanity and cold heartedness of these people makes my blood run cold. Not to mention the narcissism and self interest of Feminist females and the stupid chivalry of their male lap dogs.

Oh dear. Denied his life. Not a human rights violation, of course.

Interesting and rather horrifying (if you're not a Vanessa Von de Leyen type) article on deaths from MGM:


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