Michelle Donelan, 'Culture Secretary' - Misandrist With Own Group Bias


Women are weak, adorable little flowers and men are awful. Even online. We are paying the salaries of own-gender adoring narcissists like 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan. And she uses it (and Feminist ideology) to continue the attack on boys and men, via the Online Safety Bill. This only suggests the own group bias of women (or at least Feminists) makes them unsuitable for such roles. Is that what you're setting out to prove, Ms Donelan? She says that women and girls find the whole online thing rather scary. None of the women and the girls I know do. So, where are you drawing your findings from? Misandrist Feminist Central Office? And what about research proving that a good 50% of this so-called 'misogynistic abuse' comes from other women? And then we get unelected peers like Baroness Morgan chipping in. Democracy is dead. All hail chivalry, narcissism and misandry! We're adding Ms Donelan to our title header. Got to keep up to date. The individual misandrists in charge keep changing, but the agenda continues. And one last thought, Ms Donelan: I suppose any criticisms of you are 'misogyny' in your view, not the results of your own actions (Feminism is so infantalising to women) and this online bill makes it easier for you to claim that is so?

Oh, the sweetness of it all!

If we are to accept Ms Donelan's assertion that women and girls are so fragile, never dealing out gendered abuse but always taking it, may we suggest some true equality? Try coming out of your ivory towers and doing glass cellar jobs? It will build up your muscles, make you feel less entitled, make you less likely to expect drawing room decorum, less likely to keep focusing on your hate agenda (you'll be too tired), and while you're busy shovelling excrement, you'll be less likely to be talking it.

From the Daily Telegraph:

Misogynistic abuse should be banned online, the Government believes. 

Michelle Donelan, the Culture Secretary, is understood to believe the Online Safety Bill has the power to stamp out attacks on women on the internet.

The plans to crack down on online misogyny come as leading Tory peers including Baroness Morgan, a former culture secretary, are pushing for the law to go further to include a legally-enforced code of practice requiring social media firms to prevent online violence and abuse against women and girls.

“Michelle completely agrees with what the peers are saying, but this is stuff that the Bill is already doing,” said a government source.

Last year, ministers rejected calls to class misogyny as a hate crime. Instead, the Government compromised by creating a new offence of public sexual harassment in line with recommendations by the Law Commission.



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