Jess Phillips - Ms Misandry - Reads Out Her One-Sided Murders List - AGAIN!

The funny thing is, so many of 'our' MPs tend to smirk and openly be very dislikeable and unreasonable people. Like Jess Phillips. What does that say about us, the people voting for people like that? Are the majority of us the same? Is it like voting for like? We're DOOMED!

Proving the hopeless state of our society again in 2023, Jess Phillips stood up in the UK Parliament and once again went through a list of women killed by men over the last year. 108 - although she warned there are many more we have no awareness of.

Then how can she know?

She can't. It's just like the twaddle Victoria Atkins was spouting a few years ago.

And just how many people are there in the UK? Around sixty million? And Jess proposes all men should hang their heads in shame?

And just what were all this tragic deaths composed of? 

We don't know.

Just what the circumstances and mental states of these individuals committing these crimes were we don't know - they're just men and therefore 'toxic' in Jess's view - but we do know Jess laughed at the notion of men's issues being discussed in parliament. Very helpful.

We do know our legal system favours painting men as wrongdoers and women as victims or angels.

And we know that female perpetrated DV, even against children, is the thing that usually slips under the net, or is excused.

We also know that Jess cherry picks her stats, never focuses on the 'evil' that women do, and is an all round own-gender-adoring misandrist.

How many children murdered by women this year? How many men murdered by women this year? How many women murdered by women this year?

Nope. International Women's Day is a day for female narcissists from all backgrounds to try and shame all men. 

There's no, 'Right, come on, let me read this OTHER list now. Children murdered by women. We must do better, ladies!' from Jess.

No balance.

And men, still unable to shake off the chivalry that is their lot in life, stand by, being ashamed.

Parliament should be about balance, not hideous ideologies, given free reign.

How about a list of everyone killed by anyone?

If Jess was such a genuinely compassionate person, her list would not only be confined to her own sex. What about the children? And, yes, what about the men?

And yet Jess Phillips is supposed to be all about balance as an MP. Where are all the other stats, Jess? Children, men, women killed by women? 

However, Jess is an ideologist - as harmful in her cherry picking stats as a Nazi.


Jess is such an ideologue she is happy to use the grief of others to support her own twisted agendas. She uses it for her own ends.

Oh, well, not all of us are stupid enough to believe that we men have a hive mind and should share the guilt of a teeny weeny minority (and without knowing all the facts about each man in that teeny weeny minority) just because we have penises - and that all people of Jess's gender are angelic sweeties.

Jess, an angelic sweetie?

Well, that would be madness.


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