Rishi Sunak: Baby Boys, Little Boys, Men - They Don't Matter When It Comes To Domestic Violence...

Awful 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Prime Minister sets out to appease the Feminazi with this Twitter tweet. Yep, boys and men are ogres, and women and girls, lovely innocents, gentle and kind, need protection. A murdered baby boy? sad, but she had reasons. She's not well. She's oppressed. She's... A battered baby boy? Ditto. A battered man? A murdered man? Huh! A man desperately seeking a DV shelter for himself and his children? Huh!

'UK' Politics have long been a ghastly game.

But Rishi Sunak's evil, chivalrous posturing, so typical of 'our' politicians (they do this type of thing if they're men; they pose around, hurling one-sided 'truths' if they're women) throws millions of male babies, male children and male adults under the bus.

And demonises men and boys.

Women and girls never initiate DV or employ coercive behaviour or...

Totally evil.

All right for you, eh, Rishi - up there in your ivory tower? The legal system is already heavily weighted in women's favour - and is, quite simply, a bigoted ass.

This is all just a game to him. It's just 'politics'. It's not about the good of society. Appease the loud mouths, appease the misandrists - they are very loud, although a minority.

Was Rishi's latest tweet tweeted to appease Jess Phillips, and her dreadful murdered women's list - which should never have been allowed to be read out in Parliament without other statistics INVOLVING women as perpetrators.

We need to look at violence as a whole. Particularly violence against CHILDREN, I should have thought.

ALL harms and all deaths are sad and tragic. But women are the new children.

Rishi simply plays to Feminist narcissists - the 'holier than thou's' of this life.

It's not something that will bring him any lasting popularity with anybody who cares about male babies, children and men - and is even remotely fair minded.


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