Penny Mordaunt, 'UK' Government - Women Have More Rights Than Men, But Penny Has Her Head Stuck Up Her Own Sex's Backside...

Penny Mordaunt, now, amazingly, Leader of the House of Commons, is a narcissistic Feminist of the lowest order. And on Twitter she has recently been bringing up the usual illogical claptrap - unquestioned in our land of chivalry and matriarchy: 

Today the Leader

hosted parliamentarians and civil society leaders working to protect and enhance women's rights and democracy here in the UK and across the world. We are working to create the networks and tools we need to support this fight.

Um, well, firstly, women have more rights in the UK than men. Seriously. And if you're going to try and gaslight us about 'historical wrongs', please don't bother. We've read the true facts about the vote, thank you.

The suffragettes were often violent, misandrist terrorists. The vote was never simply a right without accountability - many men had the accountabilities but not the vote. Men die younger than women. Women have 'all women shortlists' for posh jobs. Men do the vast majority of glass cellar jobs - and the workplace death rate is well over 90% men. Women receive shorter custodial sentences than men - for the same crimes. When a woman commits a crime, it's mental health issues. When a man does, it's 'toxic masculinity'. A woman's word can send a man to jail, without proof. DV figures are fiddled and obscured to imply that only men commit DV. Children of abusive women are thrown under the bus - as are husbands/partners. The Department for National statistics debunks the Feminist logic for the pay gap. The Feminist 'Patriarchy' is simply a Marxist model, based on nonsense. Penny carries on regardless.

We could go on. And on.

A group of well dressed, "always had it so good" women twittering narcissistic, misandrist bile is not our cup of tea. As for the rest of the world, this is a tiny nation and the rest of the world doesn't vote here. Trying to interfere in the nuanced systems elsewhere and import the Western Marxist Feminist model in their place is doing nobody any favours.

Wake up, people. People are beginning to. It's time self-loving ideologues like Penny Mordaunt were drummed out of Parliament. Give her a glass cellar job. Let her work at something constructive for her living.


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