Megan Rappinoe & Joe Biden: Liars and Misandrists


Hearing Megan Rappinoe going on about women's football (which makes far less money then men's) and how she does the exact same job as men (although a pro women's team has been beaten hollow by under-15 non-pro male players), but doesn't get the same money, makes me laugh. Female models get a lot more than males in the superstar league - but don't they do exactly the same job? But fashion is a female industry and the clothes for women bring in far more money, so it's the same thing, eh? 

The day might come when as many people follow female football as they do male, but until that date you can't depend on privileged harping and chivalry to get what you want, Megan. American men's soccer already pours plenty of money into female soccer - and it's a business. You don't put the same number of backsides on seats. End of story.

The pay gap is not based on discrimination - this has been debunked by the Office for National Statistics, old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. It is based on hours worked, choice of jobs, time out and a range of lifestyle choices. Like the vast majority of women choosing not to do dangerous/glass cellar jobs.

Listening to Joe Biden sucking up to this debunked nonsense gave me the creeps. Joe does what he does simply to appeal to woke/Feminist misandrist voters. But out here, away from the Feminist hate ideology soaked ivory towers inhabited by politicians, we see what is going on and we don't like it. What politicians say should make sense. What Joe said doesn't. Women cannot do all that men do, and vice versa. 

Otherwise women would be playing men at football and tennis.

Privileged Megan makes hay and throws muck in men's faces, as do most Feminists. 

Here she is, an independent woman, a Lesbian to boot, and she spends her time bitching and lying about men and discrimination.

Sad, eh?


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