Nicole Jacob - Feminist Misandrist & Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England & Wales

One could ask why, in the so-called UK, the vast majority of people in England and Wales are served by one Domestic Abuse Commissioner and London and Scotland have separate ones? Nice gravy train. It's a gravy train for Feminists only, with Nicole Jacob, the current incumbent, being the latest in a line of male abusing, own-gender adoring women to occupy the role.

Ms Jacob thinks the Violence Against Women  & Girls Act is a fine thing, and absolutely justified.

It's pure evil. It throws not only men under the bus, but little boys, children, too.

But Ms Jacob ignores all comments questioning her stance on her Twitter/X threads and carries on regardless.

Today, it looks evil. In the future, when this era is exhumed by future historians, it will look far worse.

Ms Jacob is surrounded by Feminist ideologues - like smirking Jess Phillips - and she smirks her well-heeled way through life, stealing the public's money by not doing her job and behaving like some kind of Nazi.

Her own gender is fine and good, requiring nothing but coddling. Men and boys? A very different story...


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